About Us

We are specialized in sea tourism and activities in Muscat City located at Al Mouj Marina Muscat we started from 2014 with small idea and now after working and dealing with the customers we gain more experience and have more ideas to explore the crystal clear blue water & the unpopulated islands. In Al Muhajer Tours we are so carful to give our customers a unique tour and we are focusing in Dimaniyat Islands and here will give you some information about the amazing island;


The Daymaniyat Islands are a protected area and it is an archipelago of nine islands along the coast of Wilayat A Seeb and wilayatBarka. Surrounding by rocks and shallow seas which lie only 16-18 km from the coast reachable by boat. The Islands are characterized by their virgin nature and fascinating beauty, offering shelter to a variety of animals. These islands are the only known site of nesting ospreys in the area.
There are also many other species of vividly colored reef fish living among the corals reefs, providing a fantastic area for diving and swimming

Our Vision

Nothing makes us proud and glad then providing someone a fantastic ocean adventure experience our vision to have more & bigger boats and to cover more beaches around the sultanate of Oman

Our Mission

Working hard to provide the best ocean adventure & experience, our goal not to visit us once but to visit us once but to visit it as over and over again with your family and friends